Saturday, August 20, 2011

And another thing...

You have no idea...I used to write. All the time. Thoughts would come to me clear as day amidst a mind full of complete chaos. I would have no choice but to write them down; on a napkin, on an envelope, scraps of paper...I had random things lying around with thoughts that jumped out at me. For the longest time, it was like a compulsion. A thought would hit me and I would have to write it down. Words would flow from me effortlessly. Over time, I completely lost myself. I not only quit writing, but when I tried, it was forced. My thoughts no longer flowed into words on paper. They continued to run (chaotically) into one another in my tangled gray matter. Constantly held captive. Never able to escape. Held hostage with no signs of ransom demands being met. We do not negotiate with terrorists. I have been held hostage for years. A captive in my own home; in my own mind. Nowhere to go. No one to listen. Nothing to listen to. Because I had nothing to say. Now, I have a lot to say. I am so overcome with emotion, I am beside myself. For the first time in a long time, words rushed out of me and into writing. And then it hit me. What I've been missing: INSPIRATION.

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